Restitution (Crazy Amy 3) to Launch 29 March

I’m pleased to announce that Crazy Amy will be back soon in a new adventure. Restitution (Book 3 in the series) officially launches on 29 March.

Here’s the blurb to whet your appetite:

Reeling from a catalogue of disasters, flaky sleuth Amy travels to Prague to help an old man recover a Picasso painting last seen in 1939. It seems like a mundane assignment, but the stakes are far higher than Amy imagines. Competing forces have vested interests, and are prepared to kill to meet their goals. Caught amid a tangle of lies, with her credibility in question and her life on the line, could Amy’s craziness be her salvation…?

As usual the book will be available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook format, and I’ll be posting again with the links, so watch this space!