Five year anniversary edition of Big Pharma conspiracy thriller now available!

Five years ago today my Big Pharma conspiracy thriller Never Say Sorry was published by a small publishing house in Brighton. And I celebrated my debut into the literary world with a very lively evening in a pub which has since been demolished (not due to being trashed by us I hasten to add!) Obviously a lot has happened since then, but I’m very grateful to those who have been with me from the beginning supporting my efforts and patiently waiting for me to produce the next book. Your encouragement has been key to my success.

For anyone who has come to my writing through Crazy Amy, Never Say Sorry is a Big Pharma conspiracy thriller and here’s the blurb.

Has Big Pharma really suppressed a miracle cure for cancer?
Feisty journalist Claudia is doubtful until her source is brutally murdered and his papers go missing. 
Hugo’s career in Corporate Finance hangs by a thread. A cancer cure conspiracy would scupper the deal he’s working on, but he can’t ignore the facts.
After meeting by chance, the unlikely pair embark on a search for the truth that takes them from London to New Jersey to Rio.
But dark forces are conspiring against them. Plunged into a world of mysterious hedge funds, secret insider trading and unexplained killings, can Hugo and Claudia stay ahead? Can they even stay alive?

It’s a stand alone book, but the firm of Pearson Malone nevertheless plays a prominent part as Hugo’s workplace. And if they thought Amy was a handful, Hugo’s just as bad in his own way! In addition, Claudia gets a walk on part in Exposure, so it’s all part of the same universe. To celebrate my literary journey to date I’ve just issued a 5th anniversary edition of the book on kindle and in paperback with ‘on brand’ cover and two typos corrected! You can check it out HERE

I must say above all that the last five years have been tremendous compared to being a bean counter. I wonder what news I’ll be posting in another five?