A Beginner’s Guide to Crazy Amy – Britain’s Flakiest Amateur Sleuth


You’re probably reading this post because you clicked on one of my Facebook ads or Twitter links. Or maybe you chanced upon it… However you got here, welcome and I’d love you to take a few minutes to meet Crazy Amy.

Before you start, these books really are different from most other thrillers. In fact, as far as I’m aware, nobody else is writing anything at all similar. So if you’re up for something a bit different, they may just be what you’re looking for. Read on to find out more.




I hardly know where to begin.

For a start, Amy’s childhood was unusual and traumatic. I won’t say more here because it’s a mystery that’s unravelled in the series starter Concealment. But the toxic legacy of the past, and her desire to keep it secret, drive many of her actions. If you really want to know what her secret is, there’s a blog post about it on this site, but I’m not posting a link – you’ll have to find it!

As Amy’s mental health deteriorates during the course of Concealment, she is haunted and taunted by a hallucination of her fourteen-year-old self. Little Amy has proved to be a star of the series in her own right, with many readers finding her a compelling character.

Lest you should feel too much sympathy for adult Amy, I should point out that she is a polarizing figure. She drinks too much and despite her deep insecurities, can be arrogant and unkind to others. Bestthrillers.com (which incidentally has just hailed Exposure as one of 2017s finest thrillers) refer in their review to the “ loathing and vitriol that makes Amy so unique among contemporary sleuths”. You can read the whole review here http://bestthrillers.com/exposure-one-of-the-years-best-thrillers-by-rose-edmunds/

Others have described Amy variously as a “remarkable and unusual character”, “a fantastic creation” and “a breath of fresh air from the sanitised female protagonist” One woman even said “surprisingly, Crazy Amy helped me to do with the craziness in my own life.” I must admit this  surprised me too, as I find living with Amy in my head mentally exhausting!

And for the record, Amy does not like the Crazy Amy label she’s acquired, but at least she recognises that some of her actions may have contributed to the perception that she’s insane.


At the beginning of Concealment, the series starter, Amy seems to have it all—a high-powered job in finance, a fancy home, and a designer wardrobe. Nobody knows of her troubled past and inner struggles, or the Little Amy voice in her head. But when a colleague is murdered and Amy suspects her bullying boss may be implicated, her perfect life implodes. As her boss tries to discredit her, Amy is forced to dig for the truth, even though her past may come back to haunt her. And however her investigations pan out, Amy’s life will never be the same again.

Originally, I planned for Concealment to be a stand-alone psychological thriller, with the reader unsure what is real or in Amy’s head. And it can still be read as such. However, fans were keen to see Amy rise from the ashes and take on another investigation. She does this in Exposure, when the suspicious death of an old friend propels her into an undercover investigation that spirals out of control.


People are always asking me this. Certainly not! We share the same family background, did the same job, and I like a gin and tonic in the evening, but I’m simultaneously much less flaky and more cowardly than Amy. In her situation, I’d have kept my head down and got on quietly with my job, having made the necessary reports to the firm’s money laundering officer. But that wouldn’t make for such interesting reading…


I have some exciting long term plans for Amy and I feel there’s still much scope to develop her character. But in the meantime, the third Crazy Amy book (working title Restitution) will be out in Spring 2018, when Amy goes on the trail of priceless art missing since the end of World War 2. What can possibly go wrong…?


To be honest, they are not everyone’s cup of tea. Effectively, they are a unique combination of psychological, amateur sleuth and financial thrillers. So psychological thriller fans may be turned off by the financial details, and financial thriller fans may be overwhelmed by the emotional depth. But that’s the price you pay for writing something a bit off the beaten track!


If you’ve read this far, thanks for taking the time.

The series now has over 150 5* reviews across Amazon and Goodreads, so if you’d like to check out the books on Amazon and see what reviewers have to say, here’s the link to the series starter Concealment, which is currently just £1.99 or free with Amazon Prime in the UK.